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Oil refinery - Ship to Nigeria


Latest company news about Oil refinery - Ship to Nigeria


latest company news about Oil refinery - Ship to Nigeria  0

Oil refine machine


Cooking oil refinery equipment groundnut oil production palm oil refining machine is usually refined on the crude oil, the presence of impurities in the oil, not only affect the value of oil and safe storage, but also difficult to deep-processing, but refining, not all the impurities in the oil are removed Such as gossypol, protein, phospholipids, mucus, water, etc., and beneficial impurities, such as tocopherol, sterols and so on, should be retained in order to avoid the loss of impurities in the food, storage, industrial production and other harmful.

Therefore, according to different requirements and uses, will be unwanted and harmful impurities from the grease out to be consistent with certain standards of refined oil, is the purpose of oil refining.


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